It’s officially 2020! Woah! As we reflect on 2019 and all of the beautiful trends we saw last year, we’re starting to look ahead now to see what anticipate new trends.

I think most of us are looking for an engagement ring with show-stopping sparkle. Our team has thought of a few different ways to maximize the appearance of your ring.

Recently, we’ve had an exceptionally exciting year for celebrity engagements (Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Karlie Kloss, Paris Hilton, Sophie Turner, Emily Ratajkowski, and the list goes on and on!).

It’s 2019, people… we all know that major life events are usually posted on social media within minutes of them happening!

So you’re in the market for an engagement ring… yay! Although we don’t know your girlfriend, we’re pretty confident in saying she will be over-the-moon when you pop the question.

Redefining the engagement ring shopping process is at the very core of what we’re trying to do. We do this in 3 Easy Steps: the design, the diamond, and the experience.